The proud achievement of any pastry-chef-in-the-making is graduating with a Diplome de Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. A life-changing moment for me. 

Hello and welcome to LeeLee & Bea Bakeshop. 

At LeeLee & Bea Bakeshop, we love to put smiles on people's faces. Try our delicious custom sugar cookies and impress your guests. 

Who's behind LeeLee & Bea?

My name is Shannon. As a classically trained pastry chef (graduated with a Diplome de Patisserie from Le Cordon Blue Paris) and registered veterinary technician (licensed/certified vet tech if you're not in CA), I have lived my life doing what I love and trying just about everything because I enjoy experiencing new things.

I am especially obsessed with being in the kitchen. Whether it's making creme brûlée for my husband's birthday, baby food for the little ones, Christmas "dinner" (we eat at 3pm so I'm not sure what that's called), or afternoon tea, the kitchen is my happy place. Baking is my specialty and my absolute favorite thing. I live by the motto: "There's always room for dessert." 

Aside from food, I love spending my time with my husband, our two Siberian huskies, and our little ones. Oh, and the chickens. Yes, the dogs get to go before the kids...we got them first so I think it's only fair. We spend lots of time outdoors, especially in the garden. Granted, we mostly weed, but we do enjoy the fruits of our labor from our fruit trees.

The holidays are my favorite time of the year, especially Christmas. My perfect day would be a rainy day (we have perpetual sunny days...horrible, I know) where I get to bake anything I want while watching Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel (or Lifetime) with all our Christmas lights on. It's also when I get to eat all of my favorite sweets that mean the most to me: my grandmother's sugar cookies, my mom's pecan pie, gingerbread houses that we build and then eat, and Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. 

The name of the bakeshop is a tribute to my grandmother. My nickname (LeeLee) and hers (Bea) were the inspiration for this business. She taught me most everything I know about baking and she would always make one trip to the bathroom so I could think I was sneaking a taste of cookie dough when she wasn't looking.

Having a part of her in the name constantly reminds me of all the times we made apple crisp together, how she taught me to make her beloved cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and her beautiful, kind, and loving spirit as a mother, friend, and especially as a grandmother. 

How did LeeLee & Bea Bakeshop start?

I've always wanted to own my own bakery, but I've never wanted to wake up at 2am to get to a bakery and bake and it is incredibly difficult to create a financially stable food business right off the bat, especially in Los Angeles where food is its own planet. 

After too many people asking me for a card when they found out I previously worked as a pastry chef (and not having one to give them because I always worked for somebody else), I decided maybe I should start baking on my own. I got inspired, did all the not-always-so-fun legwork, and started my dream company!

We are currently only offering decorated sugar cookies, but keep checking back here, our Facebook, and/or our Instagram for updates. We have our sights set on cupcakes, macarons, and some other fun stuff. 

LeeLee & Bea Bakeshop was proudly founded in 2016 and is operating with a Class A Cottage Food Operation permit #LA19K160010 in the county of Los Angeles. 

What is important to us?

At LeeLee & Bea, we value quality ingredients and sustainable practices. We use organic wherever possible. In order to support local farmers and businesses, we choose to shop from them first when it comes to produce and specialty products. All other ingredients are high-quality and as pure as we can find. 

We are not a health-focused business and because of that, we put flavor and taste into each one of our products to make sure each dessert is absolutely worth every bite. There's nothing worse than a delicious looking cookie that tastes dry, flavorless, or makes you regret having even tasted it. 

While I am the sole baker and creator in the bakeshop, it is definitely a family affair. The bakeshop is supported by family and friends who have helped test out the products, put time in to help me get it up and running, and who are continual supporters (and, more often than not, babysitters) . This company will always be a "we", not a "me" business. Plus, they're a great panel when it comes to creating new products or bettering our current ones.